Monday, November 28, 2011

Erik Swanson's AZ Desert Sheep Hunt Part 1

Jay Scott looking for th Swanson Ram with the Kowas, photo by Trent Swanson
 I have the good pleasure of hunting with friends Erik and Trent Swanson in Unit 44B South this year.  Erik had applied for 20 years and then his number was pulled and he is now in the game.  We have already had a great time on this hunt and it hasnt even started yet.  Here is the scoop on the unit.  Since 2000 the average ram taken is 160 4/8.  Here is the positive news, since 2005 there has been four rams out of seven that gross 169-170.  The optimist that I am would say that the unit is probably trending towards the upside.  The game and fish flew there survey in October and saw roughly 75 sheep.  Only one class IV ram was seen.  We have found that ram but he is not a high scorer but he is a horny devil for sure.  Attached are the pics that compare the class IV that was flown to the ram we found in the exact location a few days later.  Now another positive that we have going for us is that Erik is the only tag holder.  Since 2008 there has only been one tag per year.  I rarely give hunt updates because we usually have other hunters in the area but since Erik has the only tag.  I will try and give some updates throughout the next 10 days or so.  Should be a great time with two good friends! 

We are 99.9% sure that this is the same Class IV ram that the Game and Fish took from the helicopter.  Hopefully we can turn something bigger than this guy.  Stay Tuned!

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