Sunday, April 27, 2014

Darr Colburn's AZ Archery Gould's Turkey Hunt Photos

I had a ball with Darr and Parker on the Arizona Gould's turkey hunt in Southern Arizona this weekend.  We managed to get the bird harvested prior to the big storm that came in.  What a blessing that was because I imagine Saturday would have been real tough hunting.  Darr made a perfect shot with his Hoyt Bow and the Gravedigger broadhead was absolutely ruthless.  Fun Stuff!  Mexico Gould's is our next adventure here in a few days with  Should be a fantastic couple of weeks of hunting.  Click here for a full photo album of our hunt

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Darr Colburn's AZ Archery Gould's Turkey Hunt Video

Check out this Arizona Gould's turkey hunt video of Darr and Parker Colburn.  We had a great hunt! Darr was able to shoot a fine Gould's turkey with his bow and arrow at 11 yards.  More photos and video to come soon.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

New KUIU Mountain Star Tent

Darr Colburn

Check out yet another great product from the guys at KUIU.  These guys keep adding to the line.  I am totally sold on this company, the people behind it and the products they put out.  You will not find better stuff in my opinion.  I can't wait to get one of these tents.  I think it will be perfect for a back country AZ coues deer hunt!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

AZ Goulds Turkey Hunt Scouting Footage-Darr and Parker Colburn

It was an awesome Resurrection Sunday here in Scottsdale!  The Lord has risen and we celebrate it every day.  Darr and Parker got out and did some scouting for Darr's upcoming Arizona Gould's turkey hunt that he drew in Southern Arizona.  Listen to Parker call at some of these turkeys.  We are excited for the opener next Friday as Darr will be attempting to get his Arizona Gould's with his bow and arrow.  I am going to film it and Parker is going to be in charge of the decoy setups.  Should be an awesome adventure and a warm up for the Mexico Goulds hunts that are right around the corner.  Enjoy and Happy Resurrection Sunday!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Parker Colburn's First Gobbler

By Darr Colburn

I picked my boys up early from school on Thursday after a long week of AIMS testing.  We headed up for the opener of the AZ Juniors turkey hunt.  We drove 3 hours to camp and unloaded the Ranger to go try and roost a bird for the next morning.  Just before dark a bird started gobbling across the canyon from us and we headed over to try and pinpoint him.  We roosted the bird and marked the spot with the gps.  We got within 150 yards of the bird the next morning.  The bird started to gobble on his own and then I heard two different UTVs driving the roads.  Just before the bird flew down I gave a soft tree call on my slate and the bird never made another sound.  We saw the bird fly down and he seemed to be all alone.  I was baffled.  We started hiking up the ridge and worked our way over to a big canyon.  I called and a few minutes later some jakes answered.  We moved over towards them and got set up.  I told Parker I thought they sounded like jakes.  Three jakes came into to 20 yards and looked around.  I hit the call and they gobbled.  Both boys smiled from ear to ear.  Paul asked Parker why he did not shoot and Parker told him he shot a jake last year and really wanted a gobbler.  We headed back to camp to eat lunch and take a nap.  That evening we headed back out and roosted another bird right before dark.  I crept out to the edge of a point and spotted the gobbler up in a tree about 60 yards from the lip of the point.  I marked the spot and headed back to the ranger.  The bird was roosted in a great spot and I knew we had a really good chance in the morning.  We woke up a 2:40 am the next morning in order to get back to where the gobbler was roosted.  We got the Dave Smith jake and hen decoys set up and waited for it to get light.  The bird started to gobble and we could hear him spitting and drumming on the branch in the dark.  It started to get light and a hen started calling to the left of the gobbler.  I reached for my slate just as the gobbler pitched out of the tree.  I was not ready and he caught me off guard.  I quickly hit the slate and the bird gobbled as he hit the ground.  A few seconds later he popped out right in front of Parker and he shot him at 25 yards.  I really enjoyed the hunt and camping with my boys.  They are growing up so fast.  Paul will be ten next year and is already talking about turkey hunting next year!



Friday, April 18, 2014

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