Friday, October 23, 2015

2015/16 AZ Big Game Super Raffle Desert Bighorn Sheep Hunt

I would like to thank Frank Argo for putting your trust in Colburn and Scott Outfitters with your Arizona Big Game Super Raffle Desert Bighorn Sheep tag for the 2015/16 season.  We had a great hunt and partnered with Craig Steele of Exclusive Pursuit Outfitters for the hunt.  Our team consisted of hunter Frank Argo and his friend Tim Aldinger, Seth Meeske, Hunter Haynes, Jole Guthery, Craig Steele and we were hosted by our good friends Fred and Mary Ashurst.  The photos below are from all of the group mentioned.  Frank was able to harvest a wide flaring ram of 31 inches.  The bases were 15 3/8 with a long horn of 36 4/8.  Frank's ram gross scored 173 4/8 and should net 172 7/8 making it the second largest AZ Raffle ram ever harvested.  We had a great time enjoying the desert sheep of Arizona and are grateful for the good fellowship throughout the hunt.  Congrats Frank on a beautiful ram!

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