Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Daniel Franco's Kansas Whitetail

Daniel "Boone" Franco otherwise known as the "silent stalker" shot a nice whitetail with his bow in Kansas last week. Nice job Big Boy!! BTW, have you seen my sock that is missing???

Rob Peel's First Coues Deer

Head guide for B and B Guide service, Ryan Eustice, took his good friend, Rob Peel out on his first Coues Deer hunt this weekend. Their story, "We had our annual October coues deer hunt last weekend. Six of us hadtags and two guys shot bucks. It was blazing hot this year which made the hunting tough as the deer would only move until about 9:00am. I was focused on helping my buddy Rob Peel get his first coues deer. Rob senta few "Hail Mary's" out on Friday morning at two nice bucks that were onthe move over some ridges. I told him not to worry and that he'd gethis chance at one the right way. Rob would have pretty much shot anydecent buck, but at 7:30 on Saturday morning he shot a really nice one.I glassed up this 90" class buck for Rob 285 yards below us in an Ocotillo thicket and he made a great shot to put the buck down. We alltold him that he's spoiled now shooting a buck like this for his first deer. Congrats Rob, this buck is going to look great hanging over your fireplace. Nice job Uncle Eusty!!

Rattling Surprise

I was talking on the telephone and I looked out on my patio and we had a visitor! This is the second one we have had at our house in two years. We had a bobcat last week and now one of these slippery dudes! Well the hunt was on!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Tyler Hall 2008 Coues Hunt

My friends, Tyler and Glenn Hall, had a terrific time this weekend on their hunt. Tyler bagged another nice Coues deer trophy and spent some quality time with his Pops. Tyler tells the story," My dad and I backpacked into this spot I found while scouting this summer the evening before the hunt. The morning was a little dull as far as deer numbers go until my dad had 2 mountain lions pop up on a boulder 10 feet from him while he was glassing. The lions must have put 2 and 2 together and figured that a 54 year old guy that far back in the middle of nowhere must be one tough s.o.b because they took off as soon as my dad stood up. We thrashed up to another glassing spot and an hour before dark my dad glassed up the buck. I took one look at him in through my binos and said, "I'm shooting him!". One shot from the .257 at 574 yards and he was down for the count. It took us 6 hours to pack the buck and all our camping gear out. Bottom Line: It was one of my favorite hunts of all time. I have to thank my ol' man for being the best hunting bud you could ask for." Great job guys!! You guys have an awesome family tradition of good times and big bucks!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Cody Goff 2008 Coues Deer

Darr and I went along with Cody Goff to assist him with his 2008 Coues deer hunt. Cody had scouted this buck all summer and was anxious for the hunt to start. Well this morning was opening morning and Darr spotted this buck and Cody and I made a great stalk on this deer and Cody made a great shot with his .257 Weatherby. The buck is seventeen inches wide. The packout was the worst conditions of any packout I have been involved with. We had a 1500 foot climb out of this hole and the temps were in the low 90's. I used trekking poles today and it sure made it easier to climb uphill in the rough Coues deer country. I also had the pleasure of using one of the new Outdoorsmans Prototype Max 1 backpacks. It was phenomenal. I am sure glad I had it for today, it was awesome! Great job Cody Goff!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Kirk Colburn Elk Adventure

My friend Kirk Colburn just got back from New Mexico and they got some nice bulls, here is the scoop, "My season kept going with guiding a New Mexico Muzzleloader elk hunt with Black Mountain Outfitters. Brent was my hunter from North Carolina and we had a good time together. The hunting was tough for the first couple days with 60 + MPH winds and rain. Then the weather changed to 23 as the low and got cloudy then clear. We were on elk everyday, but the rut was winding down an most of the big bulls were not vocal and did not have cows. I glassed the bull up the Brent Shot on Tuesday morning a mile from where we were glassing. We stalked in over there and I got Brent in position at 188 yards. The bull came out and brent made a great shot. This bull has a lot of character, he has a bronken 5th after 2 inches on his right side, but has an extra 2 inch point next to his fifth and a 10 inch kicker off his fourth on the same side. It should be noted that this bull was seen by another guide George Garcia 3 days earlier 2 miles away. When all is said and done, the bull ends up gross scoring 358" with the broken fifth. It was a great hunt and quite a bull. In the group photo with Brent's Bull is Brent, myself, Rod, and George Garcia Jr. and Sr. The last photo is Brent on the left with his bull, Jeff in the middle with his bull, and Keith on the right with his inline 7x7 that grosses 350" he was guided by Colton Bagnoli."

Kenny Perry

This clip shows why Kenny Perry is so well liked by his peers on tour! This country could sure use more Kenny Perry's. Way to go KP!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Kowa Highlander Binoculars

Well they have finally been put through the test for the last two months! My hunting partner Darr Colburn and I have been comparing our Doctor 40X's to our Kowa Highlanders 32X. The Kowa's definately win in all aspects of the comparison. The clarity of the Kowa's is unbelievable. The Docters are clear in the center but the Kowa's are clear all around the edges and the center. The Kowas come with 32X eyepieces but you can also buy the 20X and 50X eyepieces. The 32X lenses are the best lenses of that magnification that I have ever looked through. The pair that we purchased also has the Flourite lenses. I have not looked through the regular lenses but am very impressed with the Flourite. The Kowas can be purchased exclusively through the Outdoorsmans in Phoenix. (http://www.outdoorsmans.com/). Darr and I feel that these new Kowa's will be an integral part of our Coues Deer and Mule Deer glassing success in the future.

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