Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Strutter

Regan Gradke Turkey

My friend, Regan, hunted with me in 2007. He was able to get his first Turkey. This hunt can be seen on Extreme Gobblers can be purchased at my friend Steve's website

Monday, April 27, 2009

Elk Video

This is some elk footage I shot a few years ago!

Elk Video

Elk Video

My Wife, Jeanne is running camera

Elk Video

Nice Bull Elk

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Darr's Mtn Merriams

Darr took his boys up for some gobbling action, Darr story, "I learned on Thursday afternoon that Parker & Paul did not have school on Friday. I decided to pack the boys up Thursday night and head up to the San Carlos for a morning. We arrived at 11pm and slept in the Tahoe. We woke up at 3:30am and got dressed. It was 28 degrees out and perfectly calm. We hit the road to howl and hoot to try and find a gobbler. We finally found one at around 5am and set up. The bird ended up having hens and flew down and went the other way. We moved down the ridge and I called in 6 Jakes. They came and stood 20 yards in front of us. I hit the slate and four of the Jakes gobbled and Paul jumped about a foot!! It was neat to see the excitement in his face seeing his first wild turkey. Walking back towards the car we head a gobble about 100 yards from the car. We set up and I worked the birds for about 15 minutes before they broke and came in gobbling. Three gobblers came into 40 yards and I made the shot. It was one of my proudest moments as a father having my two boys with me and harvesting a bird. I think they both will be hooked for life."

My 2009 AZ Turkey

I wish I could say that this years Arizona state turkey hunt went smoothly, but I am afraid that I can't this time. Lets just say that it is a good thing I had plenty of ammo! I am not sure how many turkeys that I have shot over the years but the number is somewhere over 20 and it still amazes me how rattled I get when a gobbling turkey gets thrown into the mix. Of all of the trophies that I have taken it still makes me smile how much a strutting turkey makes me do funny things. It is amzing that a 18 pound bird makes my heart bounce out of my chest and forget all of the things that a hunter is supposed to remember from many years of practice and preparation. This bird was called in by Tyler Hall to a mere 10 yards and I shot and missed. Thats right not one BB hit this bird on the first shot. The second shot was not much better then the unthinkable happened. The bird attempted to take flight. He became like many quail that I have pursued over the years. Boom! Down he goes and then I realized that I had an audience! Glenn and Tyler were hooping and hollering and saying look at the feathers, "Its snowing turkey feathers!" Check out the feathers in a tree below. It definitely wasn't one of my finer moments but I was extremely proud of my bird. It was great to spend time with father and son, Glenn and Tyler Hall. Tyler's calling ability is awesome and I was honored to have him coax this bird in for me!

You can see that Tylers Bird wasn't shy about eating!

Yes, you have to climb that hill!

This is some remains of the Wild West Shootout!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tyler's Turkey Hunt

The footage below is from Tyler Hall's Arizona stateland turkey hunt. The hunt was exciting and we were accompanied by Glenn Hall and Darr Colburn. Enjoy!

Tylers Hunt Sequence 1

Tyler's Hunt Sequence 2

Tyler's Hunt Sequence 3

Tyler's Hunt Sequence 4

Tyler's Hunt Sequence 5

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

True class shows itself thru defeat

I am a huge Kenny Perry fan and I was so proud of Kenny on the final Sunday at the Masters. Yes he lost the tournament but it was the way he lost that impressed me so much. Most people would have been feeling sorry for themselves and crying the blues but no Mr. Kenny Perry accepted the loss and gave credit to the Argentinian Angel Cabrerra. No doubt KP wanted to win as bad as anyone but he did not allow his defeat in front of the world get in the way of being the true gentlemen and sportsman that he is. All I can say is job well done and go get em' this week. KP your display of grace and class was outstanding and you are a true champion to all of your fans. Check out this clip....

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Clay's Elk Hunt 1

Clay's Elk Hunt 2

Clay's Elk Hunt 3

This hunt with Clay Golman can be seen on Extreme Bulls 5. They can be purchased at

Clay's Elk Hunt 4

Monday, April 20, 2009

More Turkey Video

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Will/Jay Turkey 1-4

My nephews, Jay and Will, hunted turkey with me this week in Northern Arizona. We had a great time! Will and Jay are great boys and are growing into being fine young men. I look forward to next season. Special Thanks to Master Turkey Guide Daniel "Boone" Franco, Cody Goff and the "midnight cameraman" Darr Colburn. Check out the footage of hunt sequences 1-4.

Watch Little Jay win the coin toss!

A Little too close!


Will/Jay Turkey 5

Will/Jay Turkey 6-7

Will/Jay Turkey 8-9

It is OK Jay, Uncle missed this season too! We will get them next year! The boys did do some great shooting on the CA turkey hunt, click here...

2009 Turkey Update

Turkey hunting has been fast and furious in the last couple of weeks! We have hit several states and I just got back from the youth hunt in Arizona with two of my nephews, Jay and Will. We had a great time even though they did not connect on turkeys. Both boys got lots of driving practice on backcountry roads and the camping was lots of fun! Jeanne and I had a great time on our hunt. We kept joking that we were filming a turkey documentary because she did not want to shoot any of the turkeys that I called in. That is ok though because the hunt lasted longer. More action is around the corner so stay tuned!

2009 Turkey Hunts 2

2009 Turkey Hunts

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Marvin and Joe's Turkey

Marvin Robbins of and Joe Slaton of California had some good success hunting turkeys this past weekend. They are both strong believers in our saviour Jesus Christ and both work extremely hard to help other people become better turkey hunters and better people. Nice Job guys!!

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