Sunday, September 21, 2014

Montana Elk Hunt with KUIU Founder Jason Hairston

I had the pleasure of getting invited to tag along on a great elk hunt in Montana with KUIU Founder and President Jason Hairston.  For me it was a no brainer because I had already had plans to miss this Arizona elk season due to our responsibilities with the Arizona Auction Desert Sheep Tag.  It turned out to be 5 days of elk hunting heaven and Jason harvested a really nice bull with his bow.  Due to an injury Jason used his Matthews compound instead of his stick bow.  It is always nice to share a hunt with Jason who is passionate about hunting and also just as passionate about making the finest ultra lightweight hunting gear on the market today.  If you aren't using KUIU gear you are missing out!  I would like to thank Jack Anderson and Cody Wetmore for the great time!  I have been uploading the video sequences of Jason's hunt on the Jay Scott Outdoors facebook page and on our You Tube channel.  I have some good photo updates on the progression of our sheep scouting that will be coming soon in some blog posts.  I have been getting reports on the Arizona Elk rut and it seems that it has been a very lackluster rut so far.  Antler growth is down and the cows seem to not be cycling like normal.  Add extreme rains from the hurricane last week it makes for some tough hunting.   Hopefully the last 4 days will heat up for the guys in the field.  One more thing, My nephew, Jay set me up on Instagram and I have been adding quite a bit of content on there so come find it at #jayscottoutdoors

That is the legendary call manufacturer Will Primos who came out to offer his congratulations to Jason on a fine bull.  Will and his wife Mary were an absolute pleasure to share camp with.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Biggest rainfall in Phoenix Arizona on Record!

My phone buzzed at 3:45, Jay I can't get the trailer and the ranger because it is across the wash in the back of my house.  My response, OK Darr lets just go in the truck.  After a bit I got a OK.......

What a cool morning!  We headed desert sheep scouting and it turned into a gully washer tour.  Love the Arizona Desert when it comes alive with water. 3.29" at Sky Harbor!  Biggest rainfall in one day on record.

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