Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Elk Calling in December

Jeanne looked at me like are you nuts its only December!

Turkey Time in December

I know I am about four months too early! I watched a turkey show today and got all fired up. Click on the above to see

Fabritz Elk Painting

Check out this painting that I got from friend, Clay Goldman of Mogollon Taxidermy. It was done by Michael Fabritz. Check out and

Corey's Mountain Lions

My friend, Corey Jacobsen of Sitka Gear sent me this awesome story and photos-"Here are the pictures of our adventure last Saturday. My buddy Steve and I drove 45 miles of roads without finding any tracks to turn the dogs loose on, but I spotted some tracks across the canyon that looked like they might be cat tracks due to the fact that they were on a rock bluff. We pulled over and I looked them over in the binos and confirmed that they were in fact cougar tracks. I followed them about 10 yards with the binos, and the cougar was sitting right there looking our direction from the comfort of a cave at the bottom of the bluffs. There weren't many trees, so we figured our chances of treeing it were slim and we'd likely end up with torn up dogs, so Steve decided to climb down the bank and get a rest and shoot it with his rifle. We got set up and he fired, hitting the rocks just above the cougar. The cougar whirled and ran back into the cave, then emerged 10 seconds later. Steve shot again, but was unable to tell where he hit. The cougar came back out a thirdtime, and this time his shot was dead on and the cat dropped. We sat watching the cave for a few seconds, and noticed a second cougar to the right of where the first one was. We switched positions, and I shot the second cougar and watched it dive behind a large rock and not come out. We ended up driving back down the road over 2 miles to find a place to get across the river and started our hike into the rock bluffs. There was 24" of fresh powder, and after going 300 yards in the first 30 minutes, we realized it would be dark long before we got the the cougars. So we backed out and found a place where the river wasn't frozen over, formulating a plan to return the next morning. Steve called a buddy who had a raft and he agreed to go in and help get the cats out. After a long pack down the steep hillside, the cats were loaded onto the raft and packed across the river and up the steep hillside to the truck. Two cats and we didn't even have to turn the dogs loose!" Nice job Corey!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Archery Headquarters

I stopped in to my favorite archery store the other day and the guys were working hard. George and Randy and the rest of the guys do such a great job down there. check out their website at

Mexican Javelina

Jeanne and I celebrated Jesus' birthday with family and ate lots of good food. Then I headed to Mexico to do a little more Coues deer hunting. Many deer were spotted but none that were itching to come home with me. I was able to sneak up on these Javelina who were enjoying the sunshine and take a few photos. It was down in the teens this morning and our water bottles were frozen soild!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Mexico Travel Tips

This is an article that I wrote that was featured in Western Hunter Magazine. Click on image below to read.

A Season to Remember

As some of you know I am a field editor for Western Hunter Magazine. This article that I wrote was in the latest issue. Click on the image to read in full size. Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mexico Coues Adventure

Darr and I went to Sonora, Mexico for four days and had huge winds of 20-40mph. The conditions were tough with the wind and the full moon but we had a great time. Darr harvested another great buck. He shot this buck at just over 400 yards with his .257 Weatherby. I got to watch the whole thing unfold through my 15X56's. We stopped at the local sonoran taco stand on the drive down and picked up tortillas and refried beans and man were they good for lunch everyday! The were absolutely no signs of rut by any deer so the rut is still about a month off in Sonora. We are going to head back for some more action in a couple of weeks.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Dual Mount Adapter

Another tool that I really like is the Outdoorsmans Dual mount adapter. It allows you to mount your 15X56 or any other binos for that matter and your spotting scope. Then you glass like normal and then when you find something in the binos you simply just move you eye over to the spotting scope and can immediately field judge the animal. It takes a little bit of time to get them to match up perfectly but once you do they are good for the whole day of glassing. I have had them stay perfectly aligned for whole trips including getting stuffed in and out of my pack and riding up and down on the UTV. Check it out at

Outdoorsmans Bino Post

The Outdoorsmans Bino post is the best bino adaption sytem on the market. Darr and I have been using this system for years. Goto for more info. I use the lightweight Outdoorsmans Tripod and the Slik 713cfII. The post works for my Swarovski 8.5X42's,10X42,10X50,and 15X56. I had the stud (male part) installed on all of my binos so that I could easily switch from one to the other. The adapter posts are extremely durable and strong. The have two lock mechanisms that keep the binos completely still on the tripod.

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