Saturday, May 30, 2015

Turkey Calling-Hen Yelping videos

Here are a couple of videos that I filmed of wild turkey hens yelping.  Listening to real hens usually helps my turkey calling.  Pay special attention to the cadence, tone and how deliberate she is.  I have more turkey calling content on my YouTube channel.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

2015 Gould's Turkey Hunt Highlights

Here is a compilation of some of the best video footage from the 2015 Mexico Gould's Turkey Hunts.We sure had a fantastic time chasing longbeards!  More at and

Sunday, May 24, 2015

What Units to Apply for in 2015 for Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep

I recently recorded an episode on the Jay Scott Outdoors Western Big Game Hunting and Fishing Podcast about what units to apply for Desert Bighorn Sheep in 2015 for the Arizona Fall Draw.  My guest on the show was Craig Steele of Exclusive Pursuit Outfitters.  We cover each of our top five Nelsoni and Mexicana units for Desert Bighorn Sheep for the 2015 Fall draw.  Listen as we discuss the pros and cons of each unit.  To find out what units made our top five in each category click on the links below.  Listen and Subscribe for FREE to the podcast.  If you have any questions or need help knowing what unit is right for you feel free to shoot me an email at  I can't wait for the 2015 season to begin!   

Click below for Episode 29 What Units to Apply for Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep in 2015 on the Jay Scott Outdoors Western Big Game Hunting and Fishing Podcast brought to you by

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Click here to see Colburn and Scott Outfitters Desert Bighorn Sheep Hunting Page

Friday, May 22, 2015

Nebraska Turkey Hunt Video

By Darr Colburn

We had a great time visiting family and doing a little turkey hunting on our trip to Nebraska.  Here is the video.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

KUIU LIVE 2015 Tent Line

Watch as Jason Hairston of KUIU, reveals the new KUIU tent line for 2015.

Parker & Paul Colburn Nebraska Turkey Hunt 1

By Darr Colburn
My mom and dad both grew up around Kearney, Nebraska.  My grandmother who will be 88 soon still lives in Kearney.  My boys had never been to Nebraska and I wanted to show them our family roots.  Last time I visited I could not believe the amount of turkeys I saw.  A trip was planned to visit family and take my boys turkey hunting, two things that are very important to me.  We flew into Denver and drove the 5 hours to Kearney.  We saw no less than 30 different gobblers on the drive!  We got in around 7pm and ran out to meet my friend Shay McGowan who invited us to hunt on his property.  We met up with Shay and roosted a couple birds for the next morning.  The first morning my brother and his son headed to one blind while Parker and I went to another.  It started raining right after first light and my brother texted us that he had shot a nice gobbler with his bow.  Parker got his chance around 9:30 am when a gobbler and hen came into the calling and decoys.  The bird saw movement as Parker drew his bow and was walking when Parker shot.  The arrow sailed high right over his back.  The weather turned bad so we headed back for the day to spend time with the family.  The next morning a bird was gobbling on the roost and we set up in a blind about 300 yards from the roost.  Again as it got light the rain started.  The birds stayed in the tree a little later than normal but eventually came in to my calling.  Paul made a great shot and we had the second bird of the trip down.  We called in a couple more birds but Parker never got another shot.  The property we hunted was an island on the Platte River.  The river was about 200 yards across.  To access the property we had to ride a gondola like platform that hung from a couple of steel cables across the river.  The gondola was powered by a Honda motor located on top of the gondola.  The gondola hung about 15-20 feet above the river.  We had a great time on our trip to Nebraska.  While watching the news the night before we left I noticed that they have an outdoors section on the newscast that they show hunting pictures and fishing reports.  I believe more kids are exposed to hunting and fishing due to things like this.  We will definitely be back to the Heartland of America where the people are friendly and the turkeys are plentiful!

Old barn and farm house out in the country.

Gondola loaded with Paul's Gobbler about to head back across the Platte River.

There were lots of ticks out.  We sprayed down with OFF before heading out each morning.
Paul's Nebraska Rio Grande turkey. 

Parker "Getting Serious" in the Double Bull blind waiting for a gobbler to show up.

Nebraska Gobbler

Albino bearded hen we saw the last morning on another farm.

Happy turkey hunter Paul Colburn with his Nebraska Rio Grande turkey.

Looking across the Platte River towards the island we hunted.


Monday, May 18, 2015

Bob and Carole's Goulds Turkey Hunt

We had a fun time hunting Gould's Turkeys in Mexico with friends Bob and Carole.  Bob got his Gould's on the first afternoon with his bow and Carole got a double the next afternoon.  Bob's video is unreal with the Magnus bullhead shot to the neck and the blood that is squirting out all over the DSD jake decoy.  Pretty Wild!  Go to our sister site or on our Goulds Turkey Hunt facebook page for more photos on our exciting hunt.

Carole, Jay Scott and Hunter Haynes with Carole's first bird

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Preston and Donald's Gould's Turkey Hunt

Our second group of Gould's turkey hunters was with Preston and Donald from Illinois and Florida.  They are longtime hunting buddies.  They harvested 4 turkeys in 1.5 days.  See the Part 1-4 videos below of the hunt and more photos of the hunt on our sister site

Thursday, May 14, 2015

2015 Gould's Turkey Hunt with Ronell Ainley

The first hunt of the 2015 Mexico Gould's season was with good friends Craig and Ronell Ainley.  See the video below of the full hunt.  Click here to see a full photo gallery of the hunt on our sister website  I will be posting all of the photos and videos of the 2015 Gould's Turkey season soon.

The Jay Scott Outdoors Western Big Game Hunting and Fishing Podcast brought to you by has had some amazing guests on lately and the feedback has been phenomenal.  In case you have missed the latest episodes click on the link below to listen on iTunes for FREE.  You can also listen on PODBEAN for FREE.

Episode 19 and 20-Advanced Techniques for Better Elk Calling with Steve Chappell Part 1 and 2
Episode 21-Elk Hunting Giant Nevada Bulls with Trevor Marques
Episode 22-The Mountain Project-Filming, Editing and Producing with Chase Christopher and Jay Park
Episode 23-Matt Woodward of Borderland Adventures
Episode 24-Elk Hunting with Brendan Burns
Episode 25-Elk Calling and Hunting with World Champions Bryan and Brayden Langely
Episode 26-Bowhunting Elk with Casey Brooks
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