Saturday, August 28, 2010

Jason Carter's Giant Mule deer

There has been lots of talk about this buck!  I say congrats to Jason Carter and his crew.  It is obvious their hard work and persistence pays off!  Jason Carter has quickly established himself as one of the best Mule Deer hunters in the country.  Buck should be in the 250's.  Congrats!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Gear Highlights

By Janis Putelis
A few pieces of gear that stood out on our backpacking trip.
Mountain Hardware Skyledge 2.1 tent
At four pounds, this tent is all that Jennifer and I need. Two doors means we're not stepping on each other getting in and out and the rain fly makes ample vestibule space if needed.

Montbell Eldo Jacket
Clutch-that is my Eldo jacket. In and out of hunting packs, ski packs, hiking packs for two years now and still warm and puffy. It's light so I never notice I'm carrying it, but always a welcome layer when I need it.

Leupold Kenai Spotting Scope
New this year, my first spotting scope. So far, so good. I really enjoy having the two eyepieces, the 30x fixed is wide enough that I can pan with it.

Lowa Tibet GTX boots Solid.

Black Diamond trekking poles
I've always been down on hiking with poles, just seemed like one more thing to carry, one more thing to add weight. Well, after a few friends convincing me to give them a try, I'm a believer. I did not use them much on the way up, but heading down steep, rocky trails with large step downs they were the ticket. We actually only used one a piece, but just that extra point of contact helped out my balance and definitely increased my speed. If I'm carrying a pack over 40lbs, my trekking poles will be with me. They are worth the weight!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

High Country Snacks

By Janis Putelis
I wanted to share our menu from our recent backpacking trip. We keep it fairly simple but we also like to eat food that tastes good and gives us plenty of energy.

Jennifer's Oatmeal/Granola breakfast tastes good and gets you going.
We mixed instant oatmeal, One min. oatmeal and granola to spice up breakfast and give it a little more punch than just instant oatmeal.

My new favorite flavor

If you haven't tried Justin's products you're missing out.


Jennifer prepares Pesto Pasta for dinner.

We also snacked on homemade trail mix, dried mangoes from Trader Joe's, Snickers bars, cheese and crackers. We enjoyed coffee in the mornings and cocoa at night as dessert.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

CEI Outdoors-Antelope Hunt

To see more of Craig's adventures see: CEI OUTDOORS and  make sure to check out this awesome tool of his also at Outdoorsmans Resource Guide

Monday, August 23, 2010

Brian Rimsza Scores big

Got this from friend Brian Rimsza, "Just got back from bear hunting and you could say we had a little success. Spotted this brute in a big prickly pear patch and was able to put a move on him and lay the smack down. He has a flawless black coat with no rubs and he is around 8 years old. 19 inch skull"  Brian will add this to his impressive bear collection!

Ty Goodman's Giant Velvet Coues buck

Ty Goodman arrowed this pig of a buck!  Check out Clay Goldman's site for more info.  Ty had sent me the photos of this buck for several years and he finally got him!  Great job to Ty!

Matt Liljenquist's 2010 Arizona Strip Archery Buck

This couldn't have happen to a better group of guys!  Congrats to Matt, Chad and Rusty!
Matt Liljenquist with his 2010 Arizona Strip Archery Buck

With his dad, Randy Liljenquist and good friend Blake Chapman in position to help with hand signals, Matt and I stalked to 52 yards of this bedded buck. After a short wait in the 95 degree sun the buck got up and walked to 32 yards broadside. I gave him a grunt and Matt sent Rusty Ulmer’s new broadhead on its way.
Matt’s buck gross scores 240 and has a gross typical frame of 228 7/8 by an official measurer - net score is pending 60 days drying time. I can honestly say Matt and Randy are some of the nicest people you will ever know and it could not be more deserving. I am grateful that they let Blake and I be part of their fair chase hunt.

Chad Smith
Vaquero Outfitters

Gear List for 2 Nights in Backcountry

Jennifer and I went for a quick Wilderness backpacking trip this weekend. I carried my new Outdoorsmans Pack System packed with these items and still had plenty of room to spare. I was pleased with the way the pack rode and the initial comfort. I've only had this pack out on a few day hikes, but it felt broken in and did not create any hot spots. I'm eager to strap an elk quarter to it and test its meat hauling ability.

We camped around tree line and the temps were in the 60's with night time lows in the 30's.

1. 100oz. Camelbak bladder
2. Patagonia R1 Flash Pullover
3. Icebreaker T-shirt, Smartwool socks, and Cloudveil lightweight softshell pants. On body.
4. Icebreaker 260 weight bottoms
5. 1 pr. extra Smartwool socks
6. Mountain Hardwear 20 deg. down sleeping bag stuffed into waterproof OR Hydroseal stuff sack. Long johns and extra socks also are stuffed into sack to save space and keep items dry.
7. Mountain Hardwear Skyledge 2 person tent
8. Exped Synmat 7 sleeping pad
9. Montbell Eldo jacket and Map
10. Elk calls
11. Arcteryx Alpha LT shell jacket
12. Mountain Hardwear rain pants
13. Cabela's leather shooting gloves and Sitka Stratus hat
14. First Aid and Survival Kit
15. Garmin Vista cx GPS, Sunscreen, and Petzl Tactikka headlamp with green lens
16. Slik tripod with Bogen head
17. Thermarest Trail Seat butt pad
18. Leupold Kenai spotting scope
19. Cabela's digiscoping adapter
20. Zeiss 10x40 binos
21. MSR Dragonfly stove, fuel, pot, and spoon. (We ate from the pot)
22. Outdoorsman's Pack system with Black Diamond carbon fiber Flicklock poles
23. Not included in picture are poop shovel, wet wipes, toothpaste, and toothbrush

My lovely wife carried the tent poles, water filter, and all the food.

All the items minus pants, shirt, and socks added up to 44 lbs.

I wore my Lowa Tibet GTX boots and a sun hat as well.

To go hunting I would just add gun, bullets, knife, game bags

Outdoorsmans Pack System ready to roll

12,500 feet

Casts that Catch Fish

This is a fantastic demonstration of how to roll cast properly!  Click for more info

Sunday, August 22, 2010

2010 Archery Deer Hunt

The Arizona archery deer season opened on Friday. I have been wanting to shoot a Coues deer with my bow. Since I did not draw a deer tag this year I decided to go archery deer hunting for a couple of days before elk season. I headed up to the high country on Thursday to go set up my blind on a water hole. When I got to the spot I wanted to hunt there was already another blind set up. I moved to another spot I knew and hiked my Primos Eclipse Blind down to the water hole. I spent a total of 28 hours in the blind and never did have a buck show up. The does that came in did not seem to mind the brushed in blind by the waters edge. It was fun to see the deer that close up. I had does drinking at 20 yards. I also heard my first elk bugle of the season! Here are a few pics and video from the hunt.
I was able to read three books on my Amazon Kindle in the blind

Wilderness Athlete Bars kept me from getting hungry

Primos Eclipse blind brushed in

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Elk Call Testing Center

This is one of the times of year that my wife either wears ear plugs or just gives me the "look".  If you are a elk hunter and practice calling in the house then you know the "look".  It is the kind of look like "Did I really marry this neanderthal"  I have been known to leave piles of 6-10 calls laying in odd places all around the house while looking for the "chosen few" that might give me the edge for the upcoming season.  This season is no different.  I have been really working on the HS Infinity Latex, single and double (with custom cut) and the brand new Steve Chappell Signature Series Elk Calls.  I have attached a short video to display the sounds coming from all rooms of the Scott household these days and often times at odd hours.

Guess the Score-Bull Elk 12

All measurements are a guesstimate and no animals were harmed in the filming of this video :)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Guess the Score-Bull Elk 11

No animals were harmed in the filming of this video and all measurements are a guesstimate

Monday, August 16, 2010

Neighborhood Bobcat

We see this guy every now and then.  He just comes by and hangs out for awhile

Guess the Score-Bull Elk 10

All measurements are a guesstimate and no animals were injured in the filming of this video :)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Guess the Score-Bull Elk 9

All measurements are a guesstimate and no animals were harmed in the filming of this video!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Summer Fish Pics

Jeanne and I had a great summer season in Colorado this year!  We caught some nice fish and had lots of fun with Janis Putelis.  The highlight of the season for me was learning how to row our 13' Star Inflatable flyfishing raft.  I certainly have a lot to learn but it was great to gain some experience behind the oars.
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