Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bass Spawn

I took my boys Parker and Paul out to Lake Pleasant for a couple hours of fishing. The water temperature was in the mid 60's and we spotted several fish up on their beds including this one. It is fun sight fishing for bass on their beds. Look for the fishing to really turn on in the next couple of weeks with day time temperatures in the 80's.

2010 California Spring Turkey Hunt

My nephews and I got to hunt a beautiful ranch in California for Rio Grande turkeys this past weekend.  The birds gobbled very well and the action was great.  Both, Will and Jay were able to harvest birds.  I used my box call from my dear friend who passed away last year, Mr. Marvin Robbins.  Everytime I heard a gobble I thought of Marvin.  I know he was grinning from ear to ear watching our success from a grand seat above.  This hunt was a great kickoff to special season!

I used my Timberline Box call and brand new Dave Smith decoys which I will be doing another post on in a few weeks after a few more hunts.  My initial impression of the decoys is that they are awesome!

Countdown to Arizona Elk Hunting 2010

Darr, Janis and I are anticipating the draw results for the 2010 Arizona Elk Season to be posted sometime this week. It is our opinion that this may be one of the best antler growth years that we have seen in many years. We like the following units in Arizona (400+ bulls are located in each of these units) and will be guiding in these areas in the 2010 fall season: (All maps below are from the AZGFD website)

Unit 9-Very huntable, has pines and junipers, good concentrations of elk, this year there will be some big bulls harvested, hunters can expect to see bulls between 320-360 on a regular basis. Elk are vocal in morning and usually around water in evenings. A few giants will be taken this year on the archery and early rifle hunts.

Unit 10-Very glassable, all junipers, lots of bulls and few cows, hunter can expect to see bulls between 320-360 on regular basis. Elk are very callable in this unit, usually a bugling frenzy and lots of rutting chaos. Country is very huntable and a few giants will be taken on the archery and early rifle hunts in 2010

Unit 23 South- Extremely physical terrain, low densities of elk, not for your average joe hunter, lots of distance between bulls bugling, not big pockets of bugling bulls like other units but has some big boys, 300-350 bulls are seen everyday but not in as many numbers as other three units. This unit will produce a few giants this year.

Unit 23 North- Not as physical as 23 South, more accessible by roads, more elk than 23 South and better bugling, hunters can expect to see 300-350 bulls on a regular basis, can be chaotic rutting action depending on the year. Incredible moisture in this unit this year. This unit will produce a few giants this year on the archery and early rifle hunts.

Early Rifle hunts that we like are 23N, 9, 10 (Great chance to harvest 350+ bulls). Season dates this year have us excited about the quality of the hunt for giant bulls!

Late Rifle hunts we like are Unit 23. (Beware of broken points) A few good bulls are harvested each year on this hunt.

If you are interested in a guided hunt give us a call or email us!

For more info go to Colburn and Scott Outfitters Website

Darr Colburn with hunter Tim Allen and his 401" AZ Bull

Darr Colburn with hunter Dick Corbett's 423" AZ Bull

Jay and Darr with Darr's 370" AZ Bull

Jay Scott with hunter Michael Park and his 435 4/8 AZ Bull

Darr with hunter Alfredo Julian and his 390" AZ Bull
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