Thursday, September 30, 2010

Frank Marino's AZ Elk Hunt Video

Special Thanks to:
Darr Colburn, Janis Putelis, Josh Flowers, Jeanne Scott, Frank Marino, Ron Fragulia (Frank's Cousin)
Wilderness Athlete, Swarovski Optik, Outdoorsmans, Hunter's Specialities and of course the Good Lord Above!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

More Pics of Frank Marino's AZ Elk

 Frank Marino, 69, of Livermore CA, harvested this bull last night at 222 yards with two well placed shots from his .270.  This is the biggest bull that we saw on the hunt and the biggest bull that I saw in 29 days in the unit.  We had a great hunt with several good bulls spotted but no giants.  This bulls left side scored 162 7/8 and the right side scored 166 1/8 and he was 38 2/8 inches wide for a grand total of 367 2/8 Gross.  The interesting thing about this bull is that he had no broken points.  Many bulls we were seeing had many broken points and even main beams.  This bull was spotted in the morning by Darr Colburn.  Frank, his cousin Ron and I were able to make a big hike and harvest the bull.  We had some great times on this hunt.  I will post some video of the bull soon.

Frank Marino's AZ Bull

Frank Marino killed this tremendous bull last night.  We got in a 2 am.  I will post field photos later today.  Special Thanks to Darr Colburn, Janis Putelis, Josh Flowers and Jeanne Scott

Monday, September 27, 2010

Chad and Stephenie Converse Pics

Steven Vohs AZ Archery Bull

Here is a picture of Steven Vohs's unique AZ archery bull.  He is the biggest bull that I have heard of to come out of Unit 23 North on the archery hunt or early rifle hunt.  He is a very heavy bull that was aged at 11 years old.  He was green scored at 377 gross.  Congrats to Steven and his brother on such a great trophy.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Juniors Dove Hunt

The last few years I have left home for elk camp on the 1st of September and missed out on the early dove season. I used to love to go dove hunting with my dad and a bunch of family friends. This year my brother Kirk and my dad took my oldest son Parker on his first dove hunt. They went to the Juniors dove hunt put on by the Arizona Game & Fish Department and the Chandler Rod & Gun Club. My dad, brother Kirk and son Parker were joined by their friend Dean and his daughter Morgan from Flagstaff. Once you arrive at the Juniors dove hunt you get assigned shooting stations and the shooting begins just after it is light enough to see. Only the kids get to shoot in the wildlife area. After the juniors are finished hunting the birds are inspected by the volunteers and then cleaned. A pancake breakfast is served to everyone who participates. This is a wonderful event that has been going on for 20 years. I remember taking my brother Kirk to this hunt 18 years ago! Special thanks to all the volunteers from the Arizona Game & Fish Department and the Chandler Rod & Gun Club who help make events like this possible. Thank you also to my brother Kirk and my dad for taking the time to take Parker on his first dove hunt.

Parker & Sage

Parker with a couple of white wing doves and the .410

Parker & Morgan shot their limit both days.

Cleaning Station

Passed Out

Broc Brimhall's AZ Archery Bull

Check out this great bull that was harvested by Broc Brimhall of Alaska.  Colburn and Scott Outfitters Guide, Janis Putelis had some great stills of this bull from the week before Broc shot it.  Hunter Chad Converse had this bull and another at 10 yards fighting on the 11th day of his hunt and decided to let the bull walk.  Hunter Broc Brimhall shot this bull about 3 minutes later.  We helped Broc get his bull out and he later repaid the favor by helping us get Chad's bull out.  It was a pleasure to hang out with Broc!  The bull gross scored 358. 

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

More Pics of Chad Converse Bull

Pictured from Left to Right, Janis Putelis, Broc Brimhall, Jay Scott, Chad Converse
Chad's bull gross scores 340 inches.  We had a great archery season and will be posting some more pics and video soon.  We would like to thank the following people for making this such an enjoyable season: Richard Sprague, Chad Converse, Stephenie Converse, Janis Putelis, Broc Brimhall, Josh Flowers, Jimmy Vincent, Jeanne Scott, Jeremy Gugelmeyer, Dave Melde, Jason Melde, Steve Whinnery, Brad Phelps, Floyd Green, Terry Chapman, Vern Chapman and Super Dave.
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