Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Elk Photos

My friend,Janis Putelis, from Edwards, Colorado came down to Arizona to see the chaos of an Arizona rut for himself. I have been telling him for years he should come down...so he did for a few days this season during the rut and witnessed many rutting bulls. Janis packed his camera along with him while we scouted and was able to capture some great photos. Janis and I had a good time chasing bulls and taking their picture. Janis has a knack for being in the right place at the right time. Not only is he a great fishing guide but I think wildlife photography is in his future.

Cody Nelson's 2008 Archery Elk Hunt

Cody Nelson drew a archery elk tag for the mountains of Arizona after a ten year wait. We had great accomodations for the hunt proovided by the Hall family. Cody and I were joined on the hunt by Cody Goff, Wade Nelson, Janis Putelis and Tyler Hall. Cody harvested this nice bull on the 5th morning of the hunt. His shot was a mere ten yards and I captured it on video. The bull was only two yards from me facing me dead on when he shot. It was a great hunt!

Don Colburn's 2008 Elk hunt

Don Colburn had waited 21 years for his elk tag in Arizona and he finally had drawn his coveted tag. Darr, Kirk and I looked scouted hard to try and locate a nice bull for Don. We had a great hunt and Don harvested a great bull. The whole hunt was captured on video. It was awesome to see the love and good times shared between the father and sons.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Let the Bugling Season begin

Came home from scouting to go to the ASU vs. Stanford game and figured I would just post a little clip from the excitement over the last few days! Headed back up tomorrow for the duration of the elk rut. Cody's hunt starts on Friday September 12th and the action should be fast and furious. Go ASU!

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