Sunday, August 31, 2008

ASU Football Season is here!

Well, ASU football season got off to a good start. ASU whipped the NAU Lumberjacks 30-13. Rudy Carpenter looked sharp and passed for over 388 yards and went 22-28 passing. Coach took him out in the third quarter and it was 27-0. I have been thinking about this game for some time now after the passing of my buddy. As we crossed over the bridge, looking at the stadium I began to remember all of the times that I had made the same trip with my Papa. He has been a ASU season ticket holder since 1955. I began going to ASU games when I was in Kindergarten. Our friend Regan Gradke brought his boy, Jake, who is in kindergarten. The photo of Jake watching the game with me in the background was reminiscent of me and Papa some time ago. Well Pops, you would have been proud the student section was packed and fired up long before the kickoff and the boys played tough. There were many people who asked where you were and were saddened by the news. Then some who knew what happened and just gave me the thumbs up or a wink. I was extremely proud when I sat in seat 14. I felt as if you were still right beside me cheering them on! Go ASU!! Bring on Stanford!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Darr "B and C" Colburn

I open up my new Petersens Hunting magazine and who do I see, well of course it is Mr. Boone and Crockett himself, Darr Colburn! The article was in the B & C Trohy search section by Keith Baulford. This was Darr's first Boone and Crockett buck taken in Sonora, Mexico. It net scored 113 7/8 typical. Darr, Jeanne and I all harvested nice bucks that trip. I thought I would dig out some pics from that trip. Darrs buck is a stud!

Western Hunter Magazine

Western Hunter Magazine came in the mail yesterday and it is always a magazine that I look forward to getting. Chris Denham and Trent Swanson do a great job as editors and they feature lots of cutting edge hunting products in the magazine as well as some great hunting articles. Keep up the good work guys!!! Check them out at

I love the Havalon knives!

I have the Wilson amplifier that has wires and it works great, I used Floyd Greens wireless Wilson Amplifier in an area where mine didn't work and the wireless version work great. Plus more than one person can be on their own phones as long as they stay close to the amplifier.
Badlands has an unbelievable warranty!
I am anxious to try out the new Outdoorsmans pack system. I know some of the guys that have put their input into its creation and they are some of the most respected guys in the hunting industry!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Cousin Jimmy's Picture Gallery

My cousin, Jimmy Vincent, is like a brother to me and we have had lots of fun growing up playing sports in the backyard, riding bikes, making forts, going to sporting events, playing golf and now our favorite thing to do together is hunt and fish. I have been so proud of him while I have watched him grow up over the years and smile when I think of the man he has turned out to be. His smile, humor and easy going nature make him lots of fun to be around. Enjoy some of his pics from the last year or two.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Christmas in August

Remember the feeling when you were a kid and you went to Disneyland. That is now the feeling I get when I know I am going to Cabelas. It is not safe to leave me alone in this store. I usually cannot get out of there without spending all of my money and tapping my credit line! Microtex, Wooltimate, Hunt tech, oh my!! It is pretty cool to see the Arizona Deer Association logo among the other great organizations
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