Monday, June 27, 2011

Trip Report 6.27 Frying Pan River

I went to the Frying Pan River today at about 1 pm.  The flow were pretty high but the fish were plentiful.  I was fishing right below Ruedi Reservoir.  This was my first time on the famous tailwater.  I met some real nice fisherman and everybody seemed to catch a few fish.  I took some photos of my fellow anglers.  Overall it was a beautiful day!  This river reminded me alot of the San Juan River or Lees Ferry.

The Colorado River in Glenwood Canyon is raging!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bowhunting for the NA 28

I just finished the book by Gary Bogner.  I enjoyed the book especially the Polar bear and Musk Ox hunt.  Check it out id you get a chance.  I have a couple of friends that are very close to achieving the 28th and after reading this book I have gained a better appreciation of their accomplishments.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Trip Report 6.22

Janis, Jeanne and I got out yesterday on the river.  It was a beautiful day of sunshine.  Temps were in the mid 70's.  We got to see a baby fawn hiding in the grass and a young bull moose chillin' by river.  Great day!  My dishpan hands are pretty sore from the first day behind the oars......

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Trip Report 6.21

Got out on the Blue River by Silverthorn today for a couple of hours and was able to coax a few to the net.  All rainbows and they were pretty spunky.  The flow was 917 cfs.  Looking forward to the water coming down on the Eagle and Roaring Fork.  Yesterday it snowed!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there.  My oldest son Parker had saved his money and has been wanting to get a bait casting reel like I use for bass fishing.  We went to Cabelas yesterday and he got a new reel.  Wanting to try it out we headed to the local park this morning for a little casting practice.  My brother Kirk joined us for a couple of hours.  We managed to get a few fish to bite.  Parker did pretty good with his new reel.  I don't think it will take him long to get the hang of it.

Nebraska Spring Turkey

I took a birthday trip to Nebraska to chase the Merriam's wild turkey.  We had a mixed bag of weather, which seems to be the norm for spring turkey hunting.  Between the hail, the wind, the sideways rain and fog a few sunny hours graced us and we took advantage of the turkey activity.  I haven't been much of a turkey hunter, but I feel I've been bitten.  Just like a bugle from a bull elk, as soon as the last gobble has sounded, I can't wait to hear the next.  I took a few pics and thought I would share the hunt. 

My first bird of the trip.  My morning set up did not get it done, but I was able to catch up to a group of seven gobblers and one hen and after a couple soft yelps four of them were coming my way.  At ten yards, the 20 gauge was plenty of medicine.  As I was setting up for my grip and grin shot, the wind gusted just enough to fan out his tail and gave me a great picture.
I was caught in the open by these birds.  Sitting in the grass my Vias camo kept me well concealed.

I find it interesting how the color palate of Vias Camo matches the colors of the Wild Turkey.

Jimmy with a nice double!

In between hunts we had time to work on our rifles in preparation for the upcoming big game seasons.  Here, I'm lapping my scope rings to get better contact and a straighter, truer mount. 

We called in the hen leading two jakes and the two birds on the right.  My set up did not offer me a shot, so Tony took both.  As we were high fiving, another tom started up 200 yards away.  We plopped down where we stood, started calling and soon we were enjoying the show.  I let him come all the way to ten yards before touching off.  Definitely the best turkey hunt I've been privileged to participate in.  Spending time in the woods with my friends is what it's all about.  Killing these birds was the gravy on top!

It's not as hard as packing elk quarters, but somehow these birds get heavy and finding another carrier puts a smile on your face.

Chef Tony recommended we hang and age our birds.

At 2:45am I'm not much for breakfast, but at 6:00am, with a dead gobbler, a WA bar hits the spot and gets me back to the truck.
In conclusion, I'd like to comment again on how much fun I'm having chasing gobblers, it is an absolute hoot. Or howl, depending on preference. Also, my KUIU gear is coming through strong. For now, my favorite piece is the heavier weight merino top in Vias camo. Its ability to keep me warm while waiting for daylight and then cool while I'm chasing a mid day bird makes it an easy choice for my first layer. A note on the Vias camo: numerous times during this hunt I was caught out in the open with nothing near me besides grass. No stumps, no trees, no bushes, just 10 in. of grass. These turkeys seemed to look right through me every time. To the point that I was starting to feel invisible! I was wearing a Leafy-Dude head net, otherwise all Vias camo. I'm thinking that if it can fool turkeys, it should be deadly on elk and deer.

Anyone interested in hunting Merriam's turkeys in NW Nebraska should contact Ethan Kohn with Pine Ridge Outfitters. He's got great ranches leased with lots of turkeys and top notch accommodations. He can be reached at 970.390.8149.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Eagle is Rollin'

Unfortunately for fisherman the Eagle is still very high.  Lots of snow still left in the mountains so who knows when we can start floating.  Keep you posted!
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