Monday, December 5, 2011

Erik Swanson's AZ Desert Sheep Hunt Part 2

Jay Scott and Erik Swanson with Erik's fine ram

Jay Scott with Rob"Eagle Eye"Gillette

Erik getting ready to shoot his ram.  Swarovski 10X42 EL Swarovsion

From Left to right, Erik, "PINKY RAM", Rob, Michael, Trent and Jay

Only one shot needed on this hunt

168 Grain Barnes TSX Bullet

I just got back from Desert Sheep hunting with my friends, Erik and Trent Swanson in Unit 44 B South in Southwestern Arizona.  We had a great hunt and Erik harvested a ram that I nicknamed "Pinky".  Erik made a great 406 yard shot across a small canyon with his custom built .300 Weatherby.  His rifle was topped with a Swarovski Z5 5-25X52 L BT 4W reticle.  We were able to capture hundreds of photos and lots of video of this ram prior to Erik putting him down.  We were joined on the hunt by Erik's best friend Michael Sisk and Erik's stepfather Rob Gillette.  Overall we had some very cold and windy days for Arizona standards but we managed to have a great time sheep hunting.  I was able to capture the whole hunt on video and should have it posted soon.  This was a great hunt with great people!  Lots more to come soon.  All of the fantastic photos above were taken by Trent Swanson.  Our tape shows the ram being a little bigger than I thought it was.  He should gross between 167-168.  Video and more pics to come soon!

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