Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Jason Sullivan's Early Rifle Bull with Colburn and Scott Outfitters

Jason and Darr with the bull we called Duster

Jason Sullivan was my early rifle hunter this year.  Jason brought his good friend Chris along on the hunt.  This was Jason's first elk hunt.  Opening morning we glassed up some bulls and put them to bed.  Jason and I set up in the afternoon close to where we had the best bull of the morning bedded.  As soon as we started glassing we found the bull and his group of cows.  We decided to not go after the bull because he was a little thin antlered.  I was able to get some great footage of this bull.  He has huge main beams!  Another bull started to bugle and he ended pushing his cows to within 50 yards of us.  We ended up seeing three bulls that evening.  The next morning we found a bull Janis and I nick named Duster because Janis got some great video of the bull kicking up dust one evening.  We watched the bull go up onto a mesa to bed and made a plan for the evening hunt.  Jason and I set up in the bottom below the bull while Chris was up high glassing the mesa where the bull disappeared in the morning.  Chris was able to find the bull just before dark and Jason and I closed the distance to 100 yards.  Jason made the shot and had his first elk!  Chris came off the point to us and we were joined by Janis and his hunter Dave for the late night pack out.  Thanks for all the help guys.  After getting home I realized that I had several trail camera pictures of Jason's bull.  Jason's bull has 59 & 57 inch main beams.

Jason and his friend Chris
Jason packing out the antlers and cape with the Outdoormans Pack
Darr and Janis fully loaded
Chris loaded two front shoulders in the Outdoorsmans pack
The crew stopping to catch their breath

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mdoolin said...

What state was this bull killed in?

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