Saturday, October 1, 2011

Dan's Archery Bull with Colburn and Scott Outfitters

I just got home from 29 days of elk hunting.  Dan was my archery hunter.  When I first met Dan in camp he was all smiles and I knew we were going to have a great hunt.  We chased a bull I was calling G5 for the first 5 days of the hunt until another hunter shot hip in the back hip.  We never saw the bull again (pics and video to come soon of this giant bull).  While driving back to camp on day 8 we decided to go hunt a couple of other bulls we had seen on a regular basis.  Janis glassed the bulls up that evening and the hunt was on.  Two bulls were fighting and we were able to slip into 100 yards.  We were out of cover when all the sudden the two bulls turned and came straight at us.  The two bulls paralleled each other until they got to 25 yards.  The biggest bull stopped to rake a tree at 25 yards and Dan made a perfect shot.  The bull did not know what hit him and he piled up after 100 yards.  We got to the bull just as the sun was going down.  Dan's Bull grosses 376 & 4/8 and nets 369.  Janis was able to get the whole thing on video through his spotting scope.  I had a great time hunting with Dan and look forward to a long friendship and sharing a hunting camp together again someday.  Special thanks to Outdoorsmans, Wilderness Athlete, KUIU, Swarovski Optic and B-Stinger Stabilizer.  More to come on these awesome products that were crucial to the success of our hunt.

Dan, Darr and Janis with Dan's 376 inch archery bull.

 Dan Glassing in KUIU gear with the Outdoorsmans tripod.
 Stuck in the mud.  We only got stuck twice.  Thanks to everyone that helped pull us out!

The start of a new friendship.

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Yuma connection said...

Hey Darr I think that rock is for you to stand on. Just kidding buddy. You like that one Jay? I knew you would. I cant wait to see this years success stories, I am looking foward to hunting or fishing with you guys in the near future.

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