Monday, December 7, 2009

Glenn's Desert Ram Pics

Here are the preliminary measurements that we took in camp of Glenn's ram.  Tyler, Logan and I got it at 176 5/8 gross.  It has been taped unofficially by a measurer at 177 2/8 gross.  It will be interesting to see how it shakes out.  Glenn shot this ram with his muzzleloader and it should score high in the books, we have been told maybe new world record SCI muzzleloader and top five in the Longhunter book.  Here are the measurements we got: Right Horn length 34 5/8, 15 4/8, 14 2/8, 13 4/8, 10 3/8--Left horn length 34 7/8, 15 4/8, 14 4/8, 13 1/8, 10 3/8 for a grand total of 176 5/8 gross and 176 net.  I have a feeling we were a bit conservative but that is ok.  Check out some of the additional photos!

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