Friday, December 11, 2009

Badlands 2200 Pack

post by Janis Putelis
Overall, this pack has treated me well. To date it is the best daypack/overnight pack I have found. Its greatest attribute is its ability to comfortably carry out an elk quarter. A lot of packs can carry meat quarters, but the Badlands 2200 can do it after a silent stalk. Therein lies the difference between it and other packs I’ve tried. All the others were quiet, but too wimpy to carry the meat or sturdy enough for loads but way too loud and cumbersome for the actual hunt. The 2200 seems to blend my pack needs well. It cinches down small for the hunt, staying out of the way and quiet. When I have game down, the integrated meat shelf/pocket pops out and I’m rollin’.

I’ve overnighted out of this pack a few times and made it happen, but I really had to go light and fore go some items that I normally would carry along. It is best suited as a big daypack, great for guides that might be carrying someone else’s gear.

The pockets are good sized and well positioned, I especially like the waist belt pockets. They are on the small side, but perfect for my headlamp and GPS, which I like to have close to me. The 2200 has a rear access, which is a blessing. I use this zipper to get into the main compartment about 90% of the time. The primary zipper to the main compartment is a little awkward, especially if the pack is loaded. The pack also has a spotting scope pocket and a wing-design which is great for lashing and carrying bigger items. My shooting sticks fit great into the pocket opposite the spotting scope pocket and I can get to them in a flash.
On a final note, I’d like to comment on the packs durability. After three hard years of use, my 2200 is showing virtually no signs of wear. If anything, it has broken in some and fits a little better. If the pack does fail, I’m sure that the Badlands unconditional warranty would take care of it.

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