Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Erik Swanson's Record Book Ram

Erik Swanson's ram was officially scored at 168 5/8 inches net and 169 2/8 inches gross.  That is a touch bigger than what we had scored it back at camp.  It is definitely a welcomed surprise!  Congrats to Erik Swanson on another Boone and Crockett animal.
The official measurements are L-35 3/8, 14 5/8, 14 0/8, 8 5/8=84 5/8 R-35 2/8, 14 4/8, 13 7/8, 12 0/8, 9 0/8=84 5/8 Total 169 2/8 gross 168 5/8 Net

Erik's Desert Bighorn Sheep before the harvest

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