Sunday, December 12, 2010

Arizona Late Elk Hunt with Colburn and Scott Outfitters

The fourth day of the late elk hunt Colburn and Scott Outfitters hunter, Ed Howell from Utah, connected on a great 341" bull. Janis and Ed stalked in on the bull while Rick Albrecht, Bret Larsen and I watched. Ed made a couple of good shots and the bull was down. We had a hard pack job the next day that included a 50 foot cliff and ropes. Janis and I packed the meat in the Outdoorsmans packs to the cliff and Ed, Bret and Rick lowered the ropes and hoisted the packs to the top of the cliff (video to come soon). The next afternoon Janis and I took Rick after a bull that was spotted in the morning. Rick made a couple of 575 yard shots and the bull was down. Rick's bull is a 7X6. Thank you to all that helped out on the hunt.

 Collburn and Scott Outfitters guide, Janis Putelis and hunter, Ed Howell, with Ed's 341" Bull

Janis, Darr and Rick with Rick's bull
Ed, Bret and Rick

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