Saturday, August 30, 2008

Western Hunter Magazine

Western Hunter Magazine came in the mail yesterday and it is always a magazine that I look forward to getting. Chris Denham and Trent Swanson do a great job as editors and they feature lots of cutting edge hunting products in the magazine as well as some great hunting articles. Keep up the good work guys!!! Check them out at

I love the Havalon knives!

I have the Wilson amplifier that has wires and it works great, I used Floyd Greens wireless Wilson Amplifier in an area where mine didn't work and the wireless version work great. Plus more than one person can be on their own phones as long as they stay close to the amplifier.
Badlands has an unbelievable warranty!
I am anxious to try out the new Outdoorsmans pack system. I know some of the guys that have put their input into its creation and they are some of the most respected guys in the hunting industry!
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