Monday, June 4, 2012

Swarovski 10X42 EL Range-Rangefinding Binocular

Posted by Jay Scott
Gear review of Swarovski 10X42 EL Range

I have recently picked up my Swarovski EL Range 10X42 binoculars hoping that they would be my replacement binoculars for my everyday user which is currently the Swarovski 10X42 EL's.  The 10's are the ones that are around my neck 90% of the time.  The other 10% of the time, I have my 8.5X42 EL's in play.  My first impressions of the 10X42 EL Range is nothing short of spectacular.  They feel good in my hands and are very bright to look through.  The EL Range only weighs 32 ounces and the field of view is 330 ft at 1000 yards.  Here is the kicker for me and the reason I wanted the Swarovski EL range; it has a laser rangefinder and an angle compensator.  The Swaro-aim laser rangefinder shoots from 33-1500 yards.  I have personally shot 1479 yards with my new little gem on the first morning testing it in the Arizona desert while looking for Desert Bighorn sheep.  The on-board angle compensator will give you the angle or the adjusted distance to shoot for.  I am a simple person who wants to know the yardage but even more importantly I want to know the adjusted yardage so I can just point and shoot.  I have seen way to many times in the moment of truth things go sideways therefore for me having the already adjusted distance is of utmost importance.  The button is on the left side of the binocular but I found no problem holding the binocular in my bow free right hand and reaching over to hit the button and achieve my distance.  I will be playing with the 10X42 EL Range over the summer and will update my findings as they come.  As for now I think they will be in the starting lineup come September 1st for archery elk season.  Thanks to the guys at the Outdoorsmans

Here is a picture of the actual distance through the 10x42 EL Range, I should have taken a picture of the adjusted range but I did not do so.  When shooting in the adjusted mode it shows the actual distance and the adjusted distance.

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