Monday, June 25, 2012

Field Judging Elk and Scoring Elk Antlers 2

Practice Field Judging and Scoring Elk
Here is a big bull elk from Arizona Unit 10 that was filmed by Darr Colburn of Colburn and Scott Outfitters.  Darr was able find and film this bull many times prior to the start of the archery elk season.  This footage was taken in Early September 2011.  Unfortunately, this bull was wounded by another archery hunter and was not recovered. The head was found and the Arizona Game and Fish Department ended up with it.  The rack was then auctioned off to the highest bidder.  Darr was able to put his hands on the bull and run a quick tape so we have a pretty good idea what the actual score is.  After a few days we will post the actual scores and you can compare your numbers to the real thing.  Watch this video and this is your chance to try to Field Judge this great Arizona bull on the hoof.  Whether you use the Estimating Actual Measurements method (EAM) or Estimating Shortest Points method (ESP), give us your guess of his total gross score (1), Guess his Point length per side and total (2), Guess his Main beam length for each side and the total of both (3), guess the mass per each side and the total (4) and his Inside spread (5).  We will post the actual score and more pictures in 24 hours.  We will also breakdown our estimates.  Click the post title above to leave a comment or put your score on our facebook page

Click the post title above to leave a comment or put your score on our facebook page

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Unknown said...

I rough scored the bull at 385 gross.
G-1 16 x2
G-2 17 x2
G-3 14 x2
G-4 23 x2
G-5 17.5 x2
Mass 48
Beam 55.5 x 2
width 41

Kelly Cox said...

Left Side (18")(17")(15")(23")(17") Main (58") Right Side: (18")(17")(15")(23")(17") Main (58") Mass (30")(30") Spread (33") Total Guess: 389" Monster in my book! Nice Video and Write Up!

Kelly Cox

Anonymous said...

My total Gross is 388
31" of mass per side for a total of 62"

R beam-54", L beam-55"

Inside Spread-32"

Tine measurements:

Great bull
-Chris Meadors
Las Cruces, NM

brian said...

L g1 16.5 g2 18 g3 16 g4 19 g5 17 main 52.5 mass 28
R g1 17 g2 19 g3 16.5 g4 23 g5 18.5 main 51.5 mass 28
Inside 35.75
Total 376.25 awesome bull. Love to see a bull like that when my hunt starts Nov 30

Craig and Richelle Steele said...

Big Enough! That's to bad the coyotes & crows got to eat back straps. That is a HELL-of-a-Bull!

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