Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Colorado River Fly Fishing

We decided to do an evening float last night on the Colorado river from South Canyon to New Castle.  Our friend, Jess, from Silt,  and Jeanne would be manning the rods and I was on the oars.  We put in at 5:30 in a wind storm and minor sprinkles.  Jess fished streamers and Jeanne was fishing dries.  Between the wind and rain they each managed to catch a healthy handful of fish.  Mostly browns with a few rainbows mixed in.

1 comment:

Chris Roe said...

Nnnnnnnicccee!!!!!!! ...we need to get together - my casting arm needs a workout!!! Oh, and when's the last time you fished the Colorado in these conditions at THIS time of the year?!?!?

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