Wednesday, June 27, 2012

How to Field Judge and Score Desert Bighorn Sheep 3

This post is the conclusion to the blog post titled, "How to Field Judge and Score Desert Bighorn Sheep 2".  If you haven't clicked on the original post do so now and this will make more sense.  Below are my estimates and guesstimates on what the ram scores.

My eye tells me the ram is between 164-166.  My numbers add to 165 4/8 Gross.

Left Horn-33 6/8, 14 1/8, 13 6/8, 12, 9 1/8=82 6/8
Right Horn 33 4/8, 14 1/8, 13 7/8, 12 1/8, 9 1/8=82 6/8
Gross Score 165 4/8

Others have guessed between 164-168. He is a neat little tight curled ram.  I definitely prefer a ram with a bigger drop in the horn and not so tight but he has some character for sure.  Notice how much smaller bodied the subject ram (left ram in picture below) is than the ram on the right.  For the record the ram on the right net score was 170 3/8.  The subject ram has not been harvested.

Stay Tuned for another exercise in Field Judging and Scoring Desert Bighorn sheep.
Ram on left is the subject of this post.  Photo by Colburn and Scott Outfitters.

Don't forget tto make your guess and estimate on the Arizona Bull Elk Scoring Post titled "Field Judging Elk and Scoring Elk Antlers 2"

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