Saturday, June 30, 2012

Backcountry Food: Starbucks Instant Coffee

For those of you who enjoy coffee in the backcountry, you should try the Starbucks Via instant.  I don't normally support Starbucks as I can't justify paying that much for a cup of joe, but their instant coffee is an instant winner.  Lightweight, small, minimal packaging, fast(just add hot water) and best of all, a decent tasting cup of coffee.  Best of the instant varieties that I've tried.  I was able to find it at the local Safeway supermarket. 

Looking forward to a cup after camping with our 10 month old daughter in the land of the midnight sun.  It was her first time out in a tent and needless to say there wasn't much sleep happening.

A great addition to the backcountry menu.

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