Saturday, June 2, 2012

Fly Fishing the Roaring Fork River 6/02/2012

Posted by Jay Scott
We got settled in to our place in Carbondale, CO and I woke up early this morning to go check out the river.  The water was off color due to the warm day yesterday.  I put on a white and tan articulated conehead streamer and I was off to the races.  The fish seemed eager to chase the streamer and some even decided to take a bite out of it!  I landed a handful of fish and had as many strikes.  Most of the fish were browns with a few rainbows mixed in.  Three mistakes that I had to quickly remedy were not keeping my rod low on the retrieve, having too long of a leader and rod setting as opposed to strip setting.  All of which I know from past experience but it seems that a refresher course was in need.  On smaller creeks, I find having a shorter leader is better because you can strip the streamer much closer the end of the rod tip thus leaving the fly in the water longer.  I love fly fishing because it is a constant learning exercise.  Good thing I have lots of practice heading my way!

This brown came off of the shady seam line on the far bank right by the grass

This brown came of the middle of the run pictured on the left.  It was sitting right in the fast water.

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