Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Outdoorsmans Bino Adapter and Glassing Pad

Darr and I have been using the Outdoorsmans Binocular Adapter system now for many years.  It amazes me though how many people have never heard of the handy little system.  I will go as far as saying any hunter who is serious about glassing and doesn't use the system is missing the boat.  It is by far the best system I have run across to attach your binoculars to your tripod.  It can be used with the Outdoorsmans tripod or without.
 This Outdoorsmans Binocular Stud (pictured above) is one of the key ingredients that make this system work so slick.
 The Outdoorsmans Bino Adpater (pictured above) slips right onto the stud and can be twisted snug for a tight fit.  There is actually a double locking system to insure your binoculars will not come loose.
Here is a picture of the adapter attached to the stud which is apart of the binoculars.  I have this system on all of my Swarovski Binoculars including the 10X42 EL Range.  This system will work with almost every single major binocular on the market.  If you don't use this system yet it deserves a close look. 

Another product that is new to my program this year is the Outdoorsmans Glassing Pad.  I have been using this since elk season and love it.  Not only is it great for the sitting on but the rubber type coating has some grab and is great for using it as a rifle rest.  The key is it wont slide.  If you have any gear questions feel free to email us or call the guys at the Outdoorsmans for more info 1-800-291-8065
We have a lot of new gear to tell you about in some future posts.  We are right in the middle of our fall season and are excited about the upcoming hunts over the next couple of months.  Thanks for all of the positive encouraging emails and phone calls over the last couple of months in regards to hunting and gear stuff.  Good Huntin' to you guys!

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Arizona Wanderings said...

AGREED. This adapter is worth it's weight in gold. Definitely superior to the Swarovski adapter that I had been using too. Great write up.


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