Monday, December 9, 2013

Arizona Rocky Mountain Sheep Hunt in 6A with Brian Rimsza

It has been an awesome journey so far getting to experience and share in the preparation and scouting for my friend, Brian Rimsza's, Unit 6A Rocky Mtn sheep hunt in our home state of Arizona.  Brian has been putting in a serious amount of work scouring the unit photographing, filming and evaluating rams.  I have been able to make it up a few times as well and the hunt is coming up quick.  Brian has the second hunt (Dec 16th-31st) and the first two hunters have already harvested two incredible rams.  Actually both rams are bigger than what has ever been harvested in Unit 6A.  Both rams are ones that we have some good history with and hours of video footage and countless photos.  These rams were definitely towards the top of our list for potential candidates. As hunters, we are extremely excited for the other two hunters who have been able to share with their guides and families their hunt of a lifetime.  They were both able to take home magnificent trophies and memories that will be forever etched in their minds.  We are hoping to turn up a ram worthy of Brian's tag and are looking forward to the challenges that we will face along our journey.  It should make for an awesome couple of weeks with a good friends.  Photos below by Brian Rimsza and Jay Scott

Brian and Nicole Rimsza glassing for sheep

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