Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Arizona Rocky Mountain Sheep Hunt in 6A with Brian Rimsza 2

In the previous post, I mentioned the two hunters that had the 1st hunt ( Dec. 1-15th) in Unit 6A for Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep, that had harvested two very nice rams.  Below are photos and video of the ram Brian and I had nicknamed "Heavy Boy".  He was a really cool ram with a 39 inch left horn and a 35 4/8 inch right horn.  His bases were 15 6/8.  The gross AZGFD checkout score was 181 4/8.  Brian had seen this ram on and off during his different scouting trips.  We both captured many photographs and videos of this ram.  Congrats to the hunter and his guides for such a fine trophy.

The other awesome ram that was harvested had an ear tag #26.  We think he was 9+ years old upon harvest.  I have not seen the official checkout score but my bet is his horns are around 38 with just over 15 inch bases.  Brian had some great encounters with this ram and captured some fabulous photos and video.  Again congrats to the hunter and his son for sticking with it through the cold temps and getting an awesome ram.

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