Thursday, December 19, 2013

Brian Rimsza's Rocky Mtn Bighorn Sheep Hunt Photos 4

Brian checked his Unit 6A sheep in today with the AZGFD.  The gross score came in over 178 and the net score was 176 7/8.  If this score holds up after the 60 day drying period it will have a chance to beat the Arizona state archery record.  There is a whole bunch of people that both Brian and I would like to thank for their role in the preparation and execution of this hunt.  All of these people mentioned below had roles in one way or another in making this hunt a success.  We would like to thank the following people for their support, Nicole Rimzsa, Bill and Mary Keebler, Matt Cutlip, Bob Rimsza, Skip Rimsza, Devin Hancock, Bobby Smith, Ty Hart, TJ Moore, Brian Hansen, Jole Guthery, Corky Richardson, Joseph Savoini, Cody Nelson, Trent Swanson and Greg Koons.  I am working on the video of the hunt and hope to have it available soon.

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