Sunday, April 17, 2011

Rim to Rim to Rim Training Update

Well I am about two weeks away from attempting a Rim to Rim to Rim Grand Canyon hike in 24 hours. This hike will be around 48 miles with 20,000+ feet in elevation change. I started training on February 1 and have logged over 200 miles on the trail. Most weeks I would get in 20-25 miles of running and hiking. Two of the last 3 weeks I got in over 40 miles for the week. I did two 20 mile mountain hikes. Yesterday I completed my longest hike so far,  a 30 mile mountain hike. I took just about everything I plan on taking for the R2R2R hike. The key to completing the R2R2R is going to be keeping my body fueled & and hydrated. I have found that towards the end of the long hikes I have done nothing tastes or sounds good to eat. Once I stop fueling my body it does not take long for my energy to diminish. The Wilderness Athlete Products will be key for the big hike. I started the 30 mile hike yesterday at 3:20 am and finished at 2:10 pm. One of the trails got very crowded mid morning and  that slowed me down quite a bit. My body felt pretty good at the end of the 30 mile hike. I have some soreness in my right shin/ankle. The temperature at the end of the hike was 96 degrees and the heat took a lot out of me. It seemed like I could not drink enough water & and electrolytes to keep me hydrated. During the R2R2R hike I will really have to stick to my hourly game plan of food & and liquid intake. From the research I have done I will need to consume around 5,000 calories during the hike.  I kept track of everything I ate on the 30 mile hike and will be adding up the calories to make a list of the foods I will bring on the R2R2R hike. I will keep you posted on what will be in my pack for the R2R2R.

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