Friday, April 29, 2011

Kansas Turkey with KUIU and Vias camouflage

The nastiest morning of the trip; cold, rain, wind, and maybe a snowflake or two.  I tried out the KUIU  Chugach pant and Guide jacket on the outside and layered underneath with the merino 250 base layers, the Attack pant, and my new favorite, the Spindrift jacket.
I was eager to try the KUIU Guide jacket because I knew I could move fast, stay quiet, and belly crawl with it, but I wondered how well it would block the wind and keep me dry being that it does not have a waterproof laminate.  It exceeded expectations.  When the wind really blew, I threw up the hood and could have taken a nap.  The Toray Kudos DWR kept the rain drops rolling right off.  The Chugach pants also blew me away with the amount of stretch in them.  I've always felt that hiking in rain pants inhibits my movements, but these babies hiked like a pair of softshells.  Toray's Primeflex 4 way stretch  fabric is really incredible.  I can't comment yet on durability and long range waterproofness, let me get another 20 days in them. 

Lots of glassing while the wind was honking.

I had to belly crawl quite a ways to get into position on these birds.  I was wearing the merino top and Attack pants which kept me cool and hidden, but what impressed me most was they made it through the ordeal without any rips or holes.

Both toms eyeballed me twice as they came struttin' in, but none were the wiser until the first shot went off at 25 yards.

My buddies said the Vias camo would be too light colored for turkeys.  All three birds we killed that afternoon were within 30 yards of me!

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