Monday, April 4, 2011

2011 CA Spring Turkey Hunt

I had the opportunity to take two of my nephews, Jay and Will, turkey hunting in California this weekend.  We had a great hunt.  The boys managed to go 2 for 2 on the first morning.  We worked in on some birds that were gobbling and I did some calling and they flew down off of the roost and started strutting.  Two gobblers and five hens.  I kept calling and the hens started working their way up the hill towards our setup.  Jay shot the best gobbler at 30 yards and the first bird of the trip was down!

Then we worked around on some other birds that were gobbling.  We setup and they came in gobbling the whole way.  They turned out to be three jakes that would gobble at the same time so they sounded like a mature bird from a distance.  We moved to anoth area and struck a bird and we closed the distance.  We crossed a creek and setup.  I began calling and he was on us very quickly.  We watched him strut and gobble unitl he gave Will a shot at about 15 yards.  Craig our host was able to capture it all on video.  Two birds down on the first morning!

God blessed us with a fantastic turkey hunt and some good times!  We enjoyed the beauty of California and got to hear many birds gobbling.  Special thanks to our hosts Craig and Ronnell!  My Dave Smith Decoys were awesome!

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