Sunday, December 6, 2015

Craig Dunlap's 2015 AZ Unit 22 Desert Bighorn Sheep Hunt

We had an unreal desert bighorn sheep hunt with friend and client, Craig Dunlap of Spokane, Washington in Arizona's Unit 22.  Craig harvested this class IV ram on the 2nd evening of the hunt.  Craig was able to come out a week early and scout with us.  We had our heart set on a ram we called "Gnarly" who was harvested just prior to the start of the general season by the AZ auction hunter (many pics and video to come).  We had to scramble a bit because Craig really want a mature ram that had some warrior characteristics in his horn.  There are a lot of young rams in Unit 22 but not a ton of mature rams left like the good old days.  This ram fit that description and was a great ram to harvest.  Make sure to watch the video at the bottom of Craig's hunt.  His reaction to the conclusion of the hunt is priceless and why I love guiding hunters so much!  We have tons of photos and video to post of the hunt that we will be posting real soon.  The success of this hunt would not have be possible without our team of good friends who were willing to help and put forth an effort like the tag was their own.  Special thanks to Seth Meeske, Hunter Haynes, Hunter McGaughey, Dave Martin, Reed Workman and Dan Bright.  Craig had a bunch of good friends that also came out and camped and scouted with us, Tres and Bif McCollom, Gary Sheldon, Todd Govig, Jim and Jay.  I am so thankful to be able to enjoy one of God's most magnificent animals and so grateful to be a sheep hunter and guide!  I would like to thank my friend Craig Dunlap for putting your trust in Colburn and Scott Outfitters with your coveted sheep tag and coming to the hunt so prepared both mentally and physically!

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