Saturday, November 21, 2015

Arizona Strip Mule Deer Hunt Unit 13B with Parker Colburn and Brec Bundy

I was so fortunate to be able to go on Parker Colburn's Arizona Strip Unit 13B Mule Deer hunt!  My hunting partner, Darr Colburn, 13 year old son had drawn one of the most coveted mule deer tags in the country and he had made the decision to hire Brec Bundy of MDA Outfitters (Mule Deer Addiction).  It proved to be a great decision.  We had a great crew of guys including Danny Bright, Daniel Franco, Brian Rimsza, Spencer Porter, Daniel Willett, Jay Pyburn, Tony Lyle, Brekkan, Andy, Bronson and Roger Bundy.  MDA Outfitter guide Brett Simonsen would be Parker's personal guide.

It turned out to be a great antler growth year and the rut was even kicking which made for a very enjoyable deer hunt.  Conditions were cool and crisp with morning lows in the teens and daytime highs in the 50's.  Parker passed on some great deer between 190-200 inches prior to finding the massive beast on the fourth morning.  Parker's deer is 30 inches inside and 35 inches outside spread with almost 50 inches of mass.  His beams are 27.5 and 26 and he gross scores 220 inches.  Brec Bundy had a tag himself and harvested a buck that should gross over 290 inches and will be one of the largest bucks in history to ever come off of the Arizona Strip!

I can't say enough good things about Brec Bundy and Brett Simonsen of MDA Outfitters and the effort they put forth on the hunt!  Not only are they outstanding mule deer guides that know the country incredibly well but the thing that impressed me most was their quality of character.

Check back for video of the hunt.  We will be breaking down the entire hunt.  Click here to listen to the Jay Scott Outdoors Western Big Game Hunting and Fishing Podcast on iTunes for IOS/Apple users and here for Podbean for Computer/Android users.  You can also click on the embedded player below to listen to episode 91:  AZ Strip Unit 13B Mule Deer Hunt with Darr Colburn

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