Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Gnarly Ram from 2012-2015

Here is a photo collage and video at the bottom of the life of Gnarly the Ram.  Darr Colburn and I were fortunate to spend time around this guy and we enjoyed every minute of it.  This ram was the one that I had targeted for Craig Dunlap's general season sheep tag in Unit 22.  He was the most mature ram that I knew about in the unit.  Our hopes were high in anticipation for the upcoming hunt and the opportunity to hunt the Gnarly ram.  Unfortunately for Craig, the Arizona Auction Desert Sheep hunter harvested this ram prior to the start of the general season.  While disappointed, I am very excited for the hunter, Tony Loop and his guide Sam Dieringer for working so hard and harvesting Gnarly with a bow and arrow.  They deserve all of the credit for their hard work and achievement.  I am very grateful for the dollars that the auction tag brings to help preserve and protect the Bighorn Sheep herds across the state.

We first have recognizable video of Gnarly in the fall of 2012 as you will see in the video.  It was fun watching his progress over the years.  He was high on our list of prospective rams last season while scouting for the AZ Auction Desert Sheep hunter.  We were concerned a bit about the big chip on his right horn at his first quarter measurement that you can see in photo 9 and 12.  In 2015, the ram seemed to have actually pushed out his length a bit and the measurement might just miss the crack.  Regardless of the technicalities, Gnarly is a sweet mature ram and it was a true blessing to be in his presence.  Enjoy the pics and video!

All photos and video were taken between 2012 to 2015 by Darr Colburn and Jay Scott of Colburn and Scott Outfitters

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