Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Official Score of Claude Warren's AZ Super Big Game Raffle Desert Sheep

The official score of Claude Warren's incredible AZ Super Raffle Desert Ram is in!  His official gross score is 185 3/8 and 181 1/8 Net.  I believe this makes his ram the largest Nelsoni Desert Sheep ever harvested in the State of Arizona.  Honestly, this ram never ceases to surprise me.  It was an honor to video and photograph him and then get a chance to hunt him.  He did his best to vanish and zig when we zagged but we were very fortunate.  Darr and I would like to thank Claude Warren for putting his trust in us with his coveted tag and being such a great guy.  Thanks to Fred Ashurst for his friendship and hanging with us.  We would like to thank the AZ Super Big Game Raffle, Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep Society and the Arizona Game and Fish Department for taking care of our precious wildlife.  I can't wait to see Claude's ram once it is mounted by Clay Goldman of Mogollon Taxidermy.

Official Measurements:
Right Horn-40 0/8, 16 0/8, 15 4/8, 10 4/8, 10 0/8=92 0/8
Left Horn-38 7/8, 16 1/8, 15 1/8, 13 6/8, 9 4/8=93 3/8
185 3/8 Gross and 181 1/8 Net
An interesting thing to note is that the 2nd quarter on the right side fell smack dab in the deepest part of the chip and he loses 3 2/8 on that measurement alone.

I would be lying if I said we knew this sheep was as big as he is.  The simple fact that sheep even close to this big aren't known to be in this unit.  It would be like a 440 bull elk coming out of Unit 4A.  When I first saw him, I was just trying to get good footage so that we could evaluate him later.  I can tell you that the last time I saw the ram right before Claude harvested him he looked like a monster.  This hunt was so much more than score but it sure was exciting to get to be a part of a once in a lifetime experience.  Lord willing we will be back on the mountain chasing sheep soon!

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