Monday, January 13, 2014

Gear Review: Havalon Knives

Gear Review: Havalon Knives keep getting better
Posted by Janis Putelis     
I was beyond pleased with the characteristics and capabilities of the Havalon Piranta and the Havalon Torch.  Lightweight, always sharp, with a great fit for efficient work.  Now the Havalon Bolt is out and with its bigger handle and bright hard to lose colors is an improvement on an already exceptional product.  It also accepts the new 60A blade which is 20% thicker (thus tougher) than the 60XT.  Most complaints I've heard about Havalons involved blades snapping.  I've snapped a few myself but it was always from too much wrenching on my part.  I've yet to snap a 60A blade.  Both of the elk I killed this year were gutted, skinned, and quartered using ONE blade a piece.  Usually I'm a stickler about replacing the blade halfway through to keep my pace and stay safe, but using the Bolt with 60A blades, I was hanging full game bags before I stopped to think that I hadn't changed a blade.
I would go so far as to say that the Havalon knives are the best new product added to my hunting gear in the last decade.  I just shake my head when I watch other hunters struggle with a standard fixed blade and then swap it out for their back up knife, whose blade is often duller than the first.  If you don't use a Havalon yet, you are truly missing out.
I put a fresh blade on for de-boning the quarters. 

 This makes for...

very quick work!

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