Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Jack's Sonora Mexico Coues Hunt Photos with Colburn and Scott Outfitters

Darr and I just got back from a couple of great weeks of coues deer hunting in Sonora, Mexico.  We had a great time with our hunters and they were able to harvest some real sweet bucks.  The first bit of photos are from our second week with the father son duo of Jack and Joe from Wisconsin.  They both shot very nice coues bucks and we just had a ball with them.  Jack made a great shot at just over 300 yards with his .257 Weathery Magnum.  His buck was chasing a doe and was a little hard to keep track of.  We had lots of fun and look forward to sharing some of the photos and videos from our adventure over the coming days.

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Arizona Wanderings said...

Awesome photos and great deer. Looking forward to seeing the rest of them.


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