Thursday, November 7, 2013

More Photos of Claude Warren's AZ Super Raffle Desert Sheep Hunt

Here are some more photos of Claude Warren's awesome Desert Bighorn sheep hunt.  The "Flathead Ram" is truly a very special sheep.  Once the 60 day drying period is up, he could likely tie for the 2nd largest Nelsoni ram ever harvested in Arizona.***Update the official boone and crockett score is in and the ram scores a whopping 185 3/8 gross and 181 1/8 Net which makes him the largest Nelsoni ram ever harvested in the state of Arizona.


I have been wearing the Zamberlan KUIU Pamir boots lately.  They are a very stiff technical boot but every time I wear them I like them better and better.  I am still in the breaking in process but these boots are quickly growing on me.  The guys at KUIU and Zamberlan have really come up with a great design for maximum performance and foot support.

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