Saturday, November 2, 2013

Claude Warren's AZ Super Raffle Desert Bighorn Sheep Hunt Photos with Colburn and Scott Outfitters

Here are some photos of Claude Warren's incredible Nelsoni Desert ram.  Claude had drawn the coveted AZ Super Big Game Raffle Desert Sheep Tag.  We found this ram 14 days before he was harvested and nicknamed him "The Flathead Ram".  We were able to capture some decent video of him and knew that he was a ram very worthy of Claude's pursuit.  The only problem was that Claude was over 3000 miles away in his home of Saco, Maine.  He was able to adjust his plans and arrive about a week later.  We had originally planned to start hunting on November 8th but with the Flathead sighting things were accelerated.  The ram then gracefully disappeared and Darr and I were searching high and low for him.  Many days we were joined by our good friend Fred Ashurst who has a great eye for spotting sheep.  The sheep were sporadically rutting and the rams were moving around a great distance.  We would see certain rams then see them miles away the next day.  Darr and I had a fantastic time with Claude looking for this ram.  We filmed and documented a bunch of rams over those days.  It would be a lie to say that doubt didn't creep in our minds that he may be buried in some inaccessible country.  We hoped he would show his face again and he fortunately did.  This ram is certainly one of the largest Nelsoni rams ever harvested.

We would like to thank Claude for having such a energetic youthful spirit during the hunt and putting his trust in Colburn and Scott Outfitters with this coveted tag.  We have made a lifelong friend in Claude.  I would like to thank Darr Colburn for his relentless diligence, persistence and tenacity.  His spirited heart and hunting skill are what make him the best hunting partner and business partner I could ever ask for.  Darr and I would like to thank Fred and Mary Ashurst for their continued friendship, support and hospitality.  We have many more photos and video of this ram that we will be posting soon.

Tale of the Tape-
Score on a ram like this is for the birds anyway but here is the scoop because I have received many emails with people wanting to know.  The Arizona Game and Fish Department scored the ram at 183 1/8 gross.  His right horn measurements are 39 5/8, 15 7/8, 15 1/8, 10 3/8, 9 7/8=90 7/8 and his Left horn measurements are 38 1/8, 16, 15 1/8, 13 5/8, 9 3/8=92 2/8.  The chip on his right horn just happens to fall right in the middle of his 2nd quarter measurement and he loses over 3 inches.  Its amazing to think this ram would gross over 186 if the chip were in a different part of the horn.  The reality though is that all sheep have chips and scars on their horns.  I think the chip gives the ram some incredible character and is just part of this awesome story and adventure 

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