Monday, November 11, 2013

Long Range Shooting

By Darr Colburn

Parker and I joined our good friend Dan Bright for some shooting this weekend.  Parker and I needed to try out a couple new loads for the Weatherby 30-378, 257 Weatherby and 240 Weatherby.  Dan needed to make sure his Weatherby 257 was ready for his Mexico coues deer hunt.  We got an early start hoping to get some shooting in before the wind picked up.  We all took a few shots at 100 and 300 yards to make sure the rifles were still sighted in.  Dan has a steel gong that we put out at 700 yards.  It is really a lot of fun shooting at the gong and listening for the "ding".  Long range shooting is great practice and makes 300-500 yard shots seem close.  I look forward to doing more shooting this spring after hunting season is over.

257 Weatherby on the left and 30-378 Weatherby on the right

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