Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ernie Meeske's AZ Unit 22 Giant Desert Bighorn Sheep

I just got in from sheep hunting with the father son team of Ernie and Seth Meeske.  Ernie harvested a absolutely beautiful ram yesterday.  I am going through the photos and video and will be posting more soon.  I have to say without a doubt we gave it everything we had and located, filmed and watched some truly world class rams.  I got to witness a father and son truly having an experience of a lifetime together on this hunt.  A few words that come to mind when I think about our shared experience: heart, determination, love, pure, honesty, fearless, perseverance, family and humbleness.  I feel truly blessed to have been apart of this whole experience!  More pics and video coming soon.  Update:  AZGFD Checked ram in at 187 6/8 Gross and 186 5/8 NET.  Update***The official score of Ernie's ram is 186 1/8 Net B&C

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