Saturday, December 22, 2012

Arizona December Coues Deer Hunt with Colburn and Scott Outfitters


Darr and I had a great December coues deer hunt with John and Phil Lawson from California.  The father son team harvested two nice bucks that both scored over 100 inches.  We had lots of rain and snow on the first two days of the hunt which made for tough conditions.  Once the storm cleared it took the deer a day or two to thaw out and start acting like deer again.  The deer were in a pre rut phase and we think the AZ rut will break wide open after Christmas.  We saw 3 different lions in seven days of hunting.  One of which our friend Cody Goff, was able to harvest with the assistance of Cash, Steele, and Jim Armstrong along with Hunter Haynes.  Most of those lion pics will be covered here in another post.  Darr found the shed to John's buck on his way up to the harvested buck.  We had some great help on the deer hunt with Cody Nelson, Cody Goff, Seth and Ernie Meeske and Ryan Eustice.  We had a great hunt with the Lawson's and look forward to an elk hunt with them in the very near future.  Both bucks were taken to Clay Goldman of Mogollon Taxidermy

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gabe valtierra said...

those are some nice bucks good job guys hunter haynes is a good friend of mine aawesome hunter and a long time friend u guys are awesome love lookin at the pics and all the blogs u post of youtube just awesome stuff, keep up the good work

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