Thursday, July 19, 2012

Roaring Fork River Fly Fishing 7.19.12

Here is the latest report from Colorado.  The water continues to drop everyday and is getting scary low.  The rains are helping a little but it could be interesting in another month or so.  Water temps in the morning are around 49-50 and about 58 by noon.  I haven't been out in the evenings to get a temp reading.  I caught a big rainbow in the third picture down and managed to snap a photo of it in the small net.  Then this morning my friend Jack and I went out at sunrise and he hooked into a really big fish.   His fish although we didn't measure exactly was in the 24-25 inch range and probably 9+ lbs.  He was caught on a streamer in moving water.  It has been fun specifically targeting big fish in the morning then fishing hoppers after that.  Arizona deer and sheep results should be posted soon and I am getting excited for the fall season.  Check out video at bottom of Jack's fish.

Here is my big rainbow caught on streamer

My big rainbow was sitting against the far bank and hit my streamer with force
 The pics below are of Jack's big rainbow.  What a fish!

For reference the net is just under 23 inches long and his fish hung out on both sides!  Thank the Lord for trout and moving water!

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