Saturday, July 7, 2012

Field Judging Elk and Scoring Elk Antlers 4

Below is the next exercise in How to Field Judge and Score Bull Elk.  These photos were taken by Colburn and Scott Outfitters.  There are several different angles from this Arizona Bull Elk.  What is this bulls gross score?  What are his point measurements?  What are his mass measurements?  How long are the main beams?  How about Inside Spread?  How does the rack look compared to his body?  Post your guesses and scores here by clicking the post title, "Field Judging Elk and Scoring Elk Antlers 4" or go to Colburn and Scott Outfitters Facebook Page
Left Antler Angle

Right Antler Angle

Front On Antler Angle

Rear Antler Angle

Click the post title above to leave your guess or put your score on our facebook page.  I will post the results in a few days.  As much as I love to pour over the numbers and analyze data it is important to keep in mind that the thrill of the hunt, getting to enjoy God's creation and spending time with friends is the thing that keeps us coming back for more. Try to not let score determine whether the hunt is a success or failure.

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