Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Field Judging Elk and Scoring Elk Antlers 4-Actual Numbers

Here are the actual measurements of the bull that was harvested by Colburn and Scott Outfitters hunter Tim Allen in 2009 in Arizona Unit 10 during the archery hunt.  This post is on response to the post titled, "Field Judging Elk and Scoring Elk Antlers 4". It seems that the guesses on this bull have been all over the map from 350 to 420.  I think it just goes to show that pictures can be deceiving.  Pictures, video and live field assessment is necessary in order to be most accurate in your field judging.  One without the other can be dangerous.  One thing that jumps out to me in the video is the size of the bulls body.  It is huge.  Body size doesn't look abnormal when I look at the pictures and that is why having video where you can see the animals movements sure helps when trying to determine score.  This bull also has real good spacing between each point which is a good indication of a long main beam.  Point length again rules the day with 46% of this bulls score.  Remember its all about number and length of points in order for a bull to score high.
This quadrant of photos was taken from the article in Western Hunter Magazine that I wrote.  This quadrant shows the two scoring methods, EAM and ESP.

Here are the actual numbers:
L-(G1-G5)20, 19 4/8, 16, 22 2/8, 13 6/8, (H1-H4)8 4/8, 7 6/8, 7 4/8, 6 1/8, MB 58 2/8=179 5/8
R-(G1-G5)21, 19, 17 6/8, 23 6/8, 14, (H1-H4)8 5/8, 7 4/8, 7 1/8, 6, MB 59=183 6/8
Inside Spread 37 inches
Total Gross Score 400 3/8 (6 5/8 inches of deductions)
Net Score 393 6/8

Here is the breakdown of the numbers and percentage to total gross score:
Points-(L) 91 4/8 + (R) 95 4/8=187 or 46.7%
Main Beam-(L) 58 2/8 + (R) 59=117 2/8 or 29.2%
Mass-(L) 29 7/8 + (R) 29 2/8=59 1/8 or 14.75%
Inside Spread=37 or 9.25%

Congrats again to Tim Allen on such a fine trophy!  As much as I love to pour over the numbers and analyze data it is important to keep in mind that the thrill of the hunt, getting to enjoy God's creation and spending time with friends is the thing that keeps us coming back for more. Try to not let score determine whether the hunt is a success or failure. Stay tuned for another exercise in Field Judging and Scoring Elk from JayScottOutdoors. Be sure to find us on face book( JSO and CSO) and check out our YouTube channel.

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