Sunday, July 31, 2011

Vail Half Marathon

Jeanne and I worked hard getting to the gondola to go cheer Janis on in the Vail Half Marathon.  Janis managed to better his time from last year by 5 minutes at 2:37:59.  This is a grueling mountain race that is 14.1 miles and has 4019 elevation gain with an average of 7% grade.  Jeanne and I walked a mile with a elevation gain of 12 feet and then managed to get on the Gondola without hurting ourselves.  Meanwhile Janis surged ahead toward the finish.  Janis trains with the WA Hydrate and Recover, Energy and Focus and the energy gels.  Janis said, "I used the gels at the half way point and it pushed me forward."  Congrats Janis on finishing this grueling race and improving your time!

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